Creating Assignments in Canvas

In Canvas, the Assignments tab can include any course activity that an instructor wants to track with a grade. If you plan to grade any assignment submission or activity, create an assignment in Canvas, which generates a corresponding column in the Canvas Gradebook (see the Grades tab).

Helpful Information:

  • Entries in the Assignments tab create corresponding columns in the Canvas Gradebook. If a column will be needed to record a grade in the Gradebook, then create an assignment in the Assignments tab.
  • For other ungraded course activities and materials, create content pages. A Canvas content page shares content and does not create a column in the Gradebook.
  • Create Groups of similar assignment types within the Assignments tab (example: Chapter Quizzes, Homework, Projects, Exams). Groups allow the Gradebook to calculate and display sub-total columns by the totals column. Groups also allow "weighting" of assignment groups by percentage. Weighting is an ideal way to ensure that your grade calculations match your Syllabus. For complete instructions please review this Canvas Guide: How do I weight the final course grade based on assignment groups? 
  • Several related Canvas tools will automatically trigger an assignment to appear in the Assignments tab.
    • The Quizzes tab refers to Canvas-managed auto-graded quizzes only. The Assignments tab automatically displays Canvas quizzes. Instructor-managed paper quizzes given in class do not utilize the Quizzes tab in Canvas, but you can create a regular assignment in the Assignments tab with a submission type of "on paper."
    • The Canvas Attendance (Roll Call) tool triggers a default assignment worth 100 points in the Assignmtnet tab the first time attendance is taken. Please see the Canvas Guide: How do I take Attendance using the Roll Call tool? The related SLCC FAQ (How do I take attendance/roll in Canvas?) describes several useful alternatives to the Canvas tool which SLCC instructors may prefer for tracking attendance.
    • Graded Discussions appear in the Assignments tab. Please review these Canvas Guides: What are Discussions?  and How do I assign graded Discussions to a course group?

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