What is Turnitin?

SLCC subscribes to a plagiarism checking tool called Turnitin. It is a third-party tool integrated with Canvas. Turnitin contains the world's largest database of previously submitted work and can check your students' submitted writings for improper citations or potential plagiarism by comparing it to this database. 

For a full tutorial on the Turnitin process, please view the Canvas Community Guide: How Do I Manage Turnitin Assignments?

Connecting Assignments to the Turnitin LTI

(LTI This is the current integration method)
  1. Open the Assignment.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. From the Submission Type options, select External Tool.
  4. Click the Find button.
  5. From the list of external tools, select Turnitin and click Select. 
  6. At the bottom of the assignment settings, click Save. This means the assignment will be checked automatically by Turnitin.

Important Tips 

  • Your view of Canvas settings will be slightly different when Turnitin is enabled. Your assignment details will look different [blank until students submit] and you will click an extra settings box on the far right teacher settings area in order to access additional detail in Turnitin's site for this assignment.  
  • Instructors must ensure that Turnitin's settings are in alignment with Canvas. Example: Canva allows re-submission, but Turnitin will not unless the teacher accesses Turnitin through Canvas for the specific assignment and manually adjusts settings under more options. 
  • Assignments must be set to use Turnitin individually.  There is no global setting for an entire course.
  • It is possible for teachers to access Turnitin the old way--through Turnitin's website.  If you are interested in this, please contact the Canvas Administrators for codes to set up an account outside of Canvas. Email: elearningsupport@slcc.edu

Converting an Assignment from the previous API integration to the current LTI integration

If you connected your assignment to Turnitin by selecting the Turnitin checkbox in the assignment settings, you have used the old API and will need to change your assignment setting so that it will continue to be available after December 2016.

To change your assignment settings:

  1. Open the Assignment that uses Turnitin.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. From the Submission Type options, select External Tool.
  4. Click the Find button.
  5. From the list of external tools, select Turnitin and click Select.
  6. At the bottom of the assignment settings, click Save.

Here is a short video on how to make the change. http://screencast.com/t/HIQabQ5IwSIk 

The interface for the assignment will look slightly different after you have made the change.  

Accessing previous API Assignments after December 2016

When the API integration becomes unavailable, classes and assignments originally created through the API will remain accessible by logging into Turnitin directly. These older classes and assignments will not be visible in the LTI integration. To access your Canvas account, you can use the Reset Password option on the Turnitin login page. You will need your Canvas default email address, which you can find in your profile settings in Canvas.

Previous (Outdated) Method for Connecting Assignments to the Turnitin API
    The previous API integration method is no longer valid after December 2016. The previous check-box setting is no longer visible and all assignments utilizing Turnitin will need to be reconfigured with the new instructions.

Additional Helpful Information

Changes to Student View of Turnitin Assignments

Students will see this screen and be prompted to agree before completing assignment submission. 

Additional Support

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