Collaborations are sharing spaces accessed through the Canvas course

Collaboration space is provided as a secure area for student groups to:

  • Create and share documents (GoogleDocs, presentations, spreadsheets)
  • Work on group project assignments within a Canvas course.
  • Use Google features that update in real-time for multiple users and do not require sharing personal emails, phone numbers, etc.
    • Docs created here can be submitted directly into Canvas assignments.
    • Collaborations is connected solely to a specific course and will show as a line item in the Courses master list under All Courses.
    • This Collaborations usage of internal Canvas GoogeDocs is not to be confused with securely authorizing a personal Gmail account or Bruinmail to submit docs directly into Canvas Assignments. Authorizing and linking a full GoogleDrive account is a separate step performed under the logged-in user's global menu Account button settings. Please see the Canvas Guide How do I connect GoogleDrive as a web service in Canvas?
  • Access student workspace area with pre-assigned groups created by the Instructor and/or create new groups as needed.
    • The Instructor must first choose to make the Collaborations menu navigation visible to students and adjust People tab/Assignment settings for group projects.

Additional Information