The primary reasons why you may not see your course in Canvas:

  1. The class has not yet been added.
  2. The class has not yet been published by the instructor, so only the instructor has access. If your course is past the semester start date, call Canvas Support. They will e-mail your Instructor to and remind them to publish the course. 
  3. The start date of the course has not passed yet. Check your student schedule (or SLCC's Academic Calendar) to see the start date for that course. 
  4. Note that in special circumstances, you may need to "accept" entry to a course manually. You'll receive an email with a link, or you'll add the course in the My Courses drop-down menu using the "View all or Customize" feature. For more information, review this step-by step Canvas Guide: How do I customize my Course list?
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11/01/2017 KA