eLearning offers a wide variety of training, certifications, and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. 

Register for Training

If you would like to register for training, see below for more information:
  1. Log in to MySLCC
    1. Select the “Employee” tab
    2. Click the “Register for Training” link under the “Employee Training” channel.
    3. Select the "Register for Training" link under the "Training Registration" block at the top of the page.
    4. From the "Training/Development" drop-down menu, select "eLearning." (Note: You can also choose "All departments," and then a specific training title.)
    5. From the "Courses" drop-down menu, Select one of the available courses, such as:
      1. "DOTC-Online Teacher Certification"
      2. "DCUC - Canvas User Certification"
    6. Click the "Search" button.
    7. From the course list, select "View Details." (A preview of the course details displays).  
    8. From the Training Registration page, click the "Register" button. You may receive an email confirming your registration. It should also appear under your current Training Registration list.
Additional Course Options: If you are interested in taking the Online Course Designer Credential or the Online Course Reviewer Credential, please contact Bob Lindsay in eLearning at x3989 or  bob.lindsay@slcc.edu 
Note: If for some reason you’re unable to attend, you can delete your registration by going to the Employee Registration page and clicking the Delete link associated with that course registration.

You can also review the OIT's knowledge article Using the Employee Training Registration System. For information on other available training workshops, you can directly consult the Faculty Development Catalog. The Professional Development Center also keeps a calendar of the offerings.

Contact Instructure or eLearning

If you have questions about Canvas please contact the Canvas Hotline below: 
24/7/365 Canvas Support:

If you have course questions or need assistance improving your content, please use one of the options to schedule an in-person consultation: 
SLCC Online & eLearning Services 

Important: Our services are limited to school/business hours usually between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday; however, you can always contact the 24-hour Hotline through Instructure (from the previous page) and they may be able to help you out with the majority of emergency or urgent issues if needed.

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