"Assignments Build the Gradebook"

In Canvas, as assignments are created in the Assignments tab, corresponding columns are automatically generated in the Gradebook. In Canvas, an assignment is any scored student work—submitted assignments, unsubmitted activities, discussions, and even quizzes. Create an individual assignment for each graded activity you want to track during the semester. To view the Gradebook, click Grades from the course menu. For more information, see these Canvas Guides:Grades

Setting up your Gradebook in Canvas
To set up a new Gradebook in a blank course, begin in the Assignments tab. As assignments are created, the assignments in the Assignments tab are organized in an Assignments Index. Canvas considers quizzes and discussions to be assignments, so these also appear in the Assignments Index. Assignments can be reordered and grouped in the Assignments Index. Assignment groups can be assigned points and weights. For more information, see these Canvas Guides: 

Note: An assignment needs to be a graded assignment, quiz or discussion in order to appear in Gradebook.

If you do not want a corresponding Gradebook column to track progress, an alternative to Assignments is to use a content page instead. Pages function like the Canvas equivalent of a paper handout: a place for students to read information. Pages also display a range of media elements like images, embedded videos and links to outside websites. For more information about pages, see this Canvas Guide: How do I create a new page in a course?

Managing your Existing Gradebook
Instructors can navigate, sort, and filter views for convenience within the Gradebook. For more information about Gradebook features, see these Canvas Guides:

Exporting your Gradebook
The Gradebook in Canvas is essentially an interactive spreadsheet (.csv) file. At the end of semester, you can download the Gradebook to your computer as a spreadsheet ready to email to your associate dean using this process: How do I export my Canvas Gradebook?

For additional information, please see the following Canvas Guides: