If a student has dropped your course, but their name still appears in your Canvas course, instructors should fill out this request form to ask for that student to be removed or deactivated. Your request will be routed to SLCC's Canvas Administrators for processing (instructors do not have rights to remove students in Canvas). 

  • If the request is received before the student has accessed the course, the student will be removed from the course.
  • If the request is received after the student has already accessed the course, then the student will be deactivated in the course. Their names still appear in the Canvas Gradebook, but they cannot access the course and do not receive any course correspondence. Deactivation allows us to retain a record of the student's activity in the course. For example, if an instructor is asked for that student's last day of attendance, the instructor can review the student's Access Report. 
  • Students who withdraw from the course, rather than drop it, will remain in Canvas for grading purposes. A withdrawal requires a "W" grade.