What are Groups?

Students enrolled in a Course can be grouped together for projects, presentations, and other assignments in your course. 

In the "People" Navigation tab of any Canvas Course, all enrolled students are listed alphabetically. If your course includes group projects or group assignments, the instructor must create major "Group Sets" housing sub-groups within in the "People" tab. When this step is complete, the Instructor can go into each Assignment's settings and make additional choices for how students will submit work.

For example: Once groups are created, the Instructor can choose to have each student submit work individually, or alternatively choose to have only one student submit work for their entire group. In this case, Canvas automatically distributes the grade to each individual within that group, and the first student to submit work sees a warning notice reminding them they are submitting for their entire group. 

Instructions Overview:
There are several types of groups and settings. The basic process is:

  1. Make a "Group set" with a specific name, such as the assignment name.
  2. Create project groups within the "Group Set."
  3. Assign students to their working groups. Instructors choose to assign individuals to project groups in one of three ways:  
    1. Manually
    2. Automatically--Canvas can do the sorting and assigning for you!
    3. Students select from an existing groups. 
Instructions Step-by-Step:

  1. Begin with the "People" tab in your Course navigation menu. To create Assignment groups in your course, you must first create a Group Set. For example, if you wanted to have student groups for a project called, "Group Science Project," you would first create a Group Set titled, "Group Science Project." Follow this link for a Canvas Guide with step-by-step instructions: Canvas Guide for Making Group Sets 
  2. After you create a Group Set, create assignment groups within that set. You can choose to create the groups manually or automatically. 
    • Refer to this Canvas Guide to create groups manually, it shows you how to create a Group Set first (required).
    • Refer to this Canvas Guide to create groups automatically. It shows you how to create a Group Set first, (required). 
  3. Once you have created groups, you can drag the students from the student list into the Group you wish to put them in. This Canvas Guide shows you exactly how to drag student names.
  4. Refer to this Canvas Guide to create groups which allow students to self-assign to existing groups.