LTIs, Software Apps, and External Tools

Numerous types of external tools and apps are created by software companies and textbook publishers. Many of these tools are able to integrate with Canvas using the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard. The process for installing these tools in Canvas may vary based upon the source of the software, security requirements, and design compatibility with Canvas.

LTI tools may:

  • allow courses to be customized with additional features from another system.
  • allow the student to have a seamless experience in Canvas, without navigating away or getting lost in another system.
  • feed grades automatically into the Canvas Gradebook, for work done on a textbook publisher's site. For example, tools like MyOpenMath, Quizlet, and homework sites from Pearson (like MyMathLab and MyITLab) all integrate with Canvas.  
  • add more variety to the types of assignments and interactions available in Canvas.
  • be configured by the instructor, or with assistance from SLCC's Canvas administrators (
Locate the pre-tested, Canvas-compatible LTI tools through the "Settings" tab in your course.

For more information, see this Canvas Guide: How do I add an External App in my Course? 

More information from Canvas Guides:

What are LTI Tools (External Apps)?

The Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard provides a framework through which an LMS (Canvas) can send some verifiable information about a user to a third party. For an LTI tool to work, the third party needs to provide a consumer key and shared secret that Canvas can use to generate a signature to verify the authenticity of the data sent. By default most user information is anonymized, but this can be changed when the configuration is first set up. External apps can be configured on the account or course level through URL, XML, or manual entry.

How do I link to a configured external app in my course's modules?

External apps must be configured before being added to a Canvas module. You can configure External apps in your Course Settings. Or search the Edu App Center for configured apps.

For more information, see this Canvas Guide: How do I link to an external tool in Modules?