The Canvas Gradebook displays different icons and colors, which provide visual cues to help instructors more easily manage and grade assignments. 

Some of the more common colors and icons:

  • A dash ("-") means there has been no activity whatsoever on the assignment. The assignment is not being calculated for/against the student's total grade.
  • A pink grade box means the assignment was submitted after the posted due date (which is allowed by specific assignment settings). This draws the instructor's attention, but it is up to the instructor to manually subtract points for lateness if this is their declared policy.
  • A pale yellow box means the student re-submitted the assignment after it was already graded. This may be accidental or intentional. An instructor may choose to re-grade any assignment. 
  • A small "Q" in a circle identifies a quiz that is waiting for the instructor to grade questions that must be manually graded (such as essay questions). 
  • A small page icon indicates that assignment files have been submitted and are waiting to be graded in Speedgrader. 

Additional Information:

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