What is Online Tutoring?

SLCC provides online tutoring through Canvas using Tutor.com (formally Brainfuse). You get 24/7 on-demand access to online tutoring with live one-to-one sessions with one of 3000+ expert tutors. This online service also provides scheduled tutoring, test prep, basic skills, drop-off essay reviews, research, and diagnostic quizzes. It also includes tools such as a graphing calculator, text editor with a collaborative whiteboard, file sharing, and computer code editor. Please be aware that this tutoring service is supplemental to other options at SLCC, including the writing center, instructor and other SLCC help.

How do I access Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring is accessed through any of your Canvas courses. By default, every course will have a tab called “Online Tutoring” in the course navigation menu. The tutoring subjects correspond with the course menu option in which it is accessed from. Writing help is not offered through online tutoring as the SLCC writing center already provides robust tutoring options. Online tutoring through Tutor.com is not available through SLCC outside of Canvas courses.

Note: If you do not see the “Online Tutoring” option listed in the course navigation menu, it’s either because it has been disabled by the instructor, or course navigation menu items were changed as a result of importing previous content into the course where the Online Tutoring tab was previously disabled. Please contact your instructor to re-enable it in the course.

How do I use Online Tutoring?

After clicking on the “Online Tutoring” tab, you will be presented with a display of options to connect to a live tutor.

Student Interface options:
  1. Connect with a live tutor on demand or by scheduling, using messaging or combine with voice chat capabilities with your computer.
  2. Important: Every student has up to 4 hours of online tutoring per month and up to one hour for a single session. the allotted time is only monitored when connected directly with a live tutor. We recommend that you plan ahead and prepare any questions or have any important documents (digital) related to your subject that need addressing.
  3. List of related subjects to select from
    • Note to students: if you do not see any subjects that should be there, or you see ones that aren’t related, please notify eLearning at slcconline@slcc.edu 
  4. Since many writing help options are available through SLCC's writing center, those subjects are not available through Tutor.com.
  5. Through "My Account," you have options to access previously recorded sessions (which does not count toward the four hours per month limit), previously uploaded documents, and access to flagged favorite tutors to make it easier to connect. 

Reporting Benefits of Online Tutoring for Instructors

Instructor Interface options:
Teachers have additional menu options at the top of their screen, called a "Client Portal" to access many features which include:
  • Student usage reports - This can help you see common struggles with students to help aid in making adjustments to your teaching if needed. 
  • A diagnostic survey of students - Tutor.com can provide early reporting which spotlights certain activity of students, such as frequency and longer than normal session lengths so the instructor can help provide additional tutoring assistance. Click to view a sample report.
You can sign up to receive notifications when students use tutor.com. You will be prompted to opt-in when you first access the Client Portal.