What do I need to do to start taking online classes at SLCC?

To learn more about online classes go to SLCC Online's website. The Getting Started Guide found there should answer most of your questions about online courses. Online classes run semester to semester just like on campus classes. Registration for online classes is the same as for campus classes. You will have to complete all the required Admission steps before adding online classes.

Every online class is different, just like campus courses. Each instructor sets ups their own classroom. Most online courses are taken at your convenience, without specific days or times, having specific deadlines for assignments and exams. Instead of being in a campus classroom, you will be spending time on the computer.

We offer a variety of courses online. Currently, four associate degrees can be earned totally online; Business, AS, Criminal Justice, AS, General Studies, AS and Sociology, AS.

If you have further questions about getting started at SLCC, please contact Enrollment Services. Their website has their hours, locations, and contact information.