Canvas course sites for the upcoming semester are available to instructors approximately three weeks prior to the beginning of each semester (with the exception of spring semester, where the course sites are available in early December). Canvas courses are not visible to students until this administrator open date has passed and the instructor publishes the course. 

Additional information to consider:
  • In cases where an instructor wants to prepare materials in advance of the three week window, SLCC's Canvas administrators can provide a Canvas development (DEV) site as a holding area or "play place" for course development. For instructions for requesting a DEV site, see: How do faculty request a Canvas site for a course?
  • Canvas course sites do not automatically populate with content from the previous semester's course. A site is empty until content is copied/imported into it from another course or -DEV site. Some departments may appoint a lead instructor to copy courses for adjuncts.
  • Student rosters are fed automatically from Banner into the corresponding Canvas course sites. From the Canvas course menu, click the People tab to few the student roster. 
  • Instructors can manage the short list of courses in the Dashboard and Courses area of Canvas' global menu. All past, present and future courses are visible in the Courses menu option (select "All Courses"). Course sites for the upcoming semester may display a message saying they are not yet available until three weeks prior to the start of the semester. For additional information, please review this Canvas Guide: How Do I Customize my Courses List?