• Each course for which you are enrolled should be available in Canvas on the first day of class (see SLCC's Academic Calendar for a schedule). If you do not see the course on the first day of class, email your instructor. The instructor needs to publish the course to make it visible to students.
  • Some instructors may choose to make a course (or at least a syllabus) available before the first day of class.
  • Students can manage the list of courses that appear in their Canvas menu. 
    1. From the global navigation menu on the far left in Canvas, click Courses, then All Courses.
    2. Scroll through current enrollments and future enrollments areas to locate your courses.
    3. "Star" your active courses to make them show in your Courses short list and Navigation tiles.
    4. If you use your Canvas calendar feature, make sure your active courses display with a small colored square on the far right so that corresponding colored assignments are populated within the calendar. You can un-click the colored square to remove unwanted course information from the calendar view. 
For more information, see the Canvas Guide: How Do I Customize My Courses List.