What is Respondus?

Respondus is a company that creates assessment tools for Canvas, among other learning management systems. SLCC has a site license for two primary Respondus software applications:

1. Respondus 4.0

A Microsoft Windows-based tool that allows you to efficiently convert paper quizzes from MS Word documents into Canvas-managed auto-graded quizzes. (See: Respondus 4.0 for more information.)

  • For instructions for installing Respondus on your computer and a subscription code to activate the software, contact SLCC's Canvas administrators at eLearningSupport@slcc.edu.
  • For help converting your quizzes to Canvas, please contact an instructional technologist in eLearning. For an appointment or phone/email support, call 1-801-957-5125 Option 3.
    • An instructional technologist can also train you on how to use Respondus. 
For additional information, view:

2. Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LDB is a Canvas-embedded feature that can be enabled to help prevent cheating during a students' browsing options on a home computer while they are taking online proctored exams. (See: Respondus LockDown Browser for more information.)

To enable Respondus Lockdown Browser in your course, first, enable it in the course navigation, and then in individual quizzes within the course.

Adding Respondus LockDown Browser to Course Navigation

  1. From the left menu in your course, select Settings.
  2. Select the Navigation tab. 
  3. Click and drag the Lockdown Browser option from the lower (hidden) list into the upper (visible) list.
  4. Click Save
  5. Refresh the page to confirm that the Lockdown Browser option is visible to students in the course's left menu.

Selecting the quizzes to use Respondus LockDown Browser

  1. Go to Course menu and click LockDown Browser.
  2. Find the quiz in the listing and click the icon to the left of the quiz name.
  3. Select Modify Settings or Settings.
  4. Select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.
  5. IMPORTANT: Uncheck "Require LockDown Browser to view feedback and results."
    Canvas will not allow students to view their results "Immediately after completing the quiz" with this setting selected.Image Placeholder
  6. Click Save and close. The LockDown Browser column will now show Required for the quiz.

For additional information, view:

These instructions may be useful to include in your quizzes to help inexperienced students.

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