Making a Proctorio Exam Flexible

Proctorio can be configured to give students the flexibility to take their exams remotely (with Proctorio) or with an approved proctor or testing center. When you set up your exam, you have the ability to "Assign" the exam to particular students. Only the students assigned the exam have the ability to take it. There are two ways to set up this type of exam: 
Method #1 - For students who are NOT taking the Proctorio version of the exam in Canvas:
  • Select the proctored quiz you want to moderate.
  • From the menu on the right, click "Moderate This Quiz." (Note: This option only appears if the quiz is published). A table displays with a column containing a camera icon at the top. Beneath, there are check marks next to each student.
  • For each student who needs to take the exam at the testing center, uncheck the box next to their name.
  • Below the table, click the “Make Exam Flexible” button.
  • To save your changes, click “Change Proctorio Access Settings."
Method #2 - For all students taking the Proctorio version of the exam in Canvas:
  • After you set up your exam, go to the "Moderate This Quiz" setting on the right side of the quiz page. (Note: This option only appears if the quiz is published.)
  • Click the small camera icon on the right hand side to deselect the entire class.
  • Check the box for each student who will be using Proctorio (the rest of the students will not have Proctorio and a password will be generated for those students). 
Note: One method may work quicker than the other depending on how many students you need to facilitate to make it flexible. These changes in the settings of the quiz make it so that only certain students can take the exam at the testing center. It also enables the access code that Proctorio creates to be used at the testing center. It's important that this code is only shared with those authorized to proctor exams at the testing center.

Rev. 09/07/18 KLH