You can use Kaltura videos for interactive engagement with students. Below are the steps to create a video quiz from a video within My Media or Media Gallery. 


1. Within your MyMedia or Media Gallery, navigate to and select the video you would like to use to create a quiz.

2. Under the Actions drop-down menu, Click on Launch Editor (shown below)

Image Placeholder

3. Next, Click on the Quiz icon (shown below).

Image Placeholder

4. Then click on the Start button.

Image Placeholder

5. Now you can scroll or play through the video and stop where you want to add a question. You can scrub or toggle through the video using the video bar at the bottom. Once you find you location, click on the Add Question button that will appear. (shown below)

Image Placeholder
6. Select the question type and create question. Then Click Save (shown below)

Image Placeholder

7. Finally after adding questions, click Done at the top right corner of the screen. You will have a new video in your My Media. 

After the video is uploaded to My Media, you can use it to embed where needed. 


The following points cover the best practices, as recommended by Kaltura for quiz creators:

  1. Be sure to shuffle your answers.
  2. All incorrect answer options should be plausible.
  3. It is not recommended to use "all of the above" and "none of the above" as wrong-answer options.
  4. Make sure the question is meaningful by itself and represents a definite problem.
  5. Keep answer lengths similar.
  6. Try not to create trick questions, but rather allow for constructive learning.
  7. Use only one correct answer and make sure that it is clear why the others are not the correct options.
  8. It is recommended to place the quiz questions at least 1/2 a second apart.
  9. It is recommended to put the last question at the end of the video to keep the user engaged through the entire subject.