Canvas Quizzes

Quizzes in Canvas are assignments that can be used to challenge student understanding and assess comprehension of course material. The quiz tool is used to create and administer online quizzes and surveys. Quizzes can also be used to conduct and moderate exams and assessments, both graded and ungraded. See also What are Quizzes?

Quizzes can be added to Canvas in several ways:

1) Copy a quiz from a Canvas course

See the following Canvas Guides:
Note: The quiz can then be edited in the new course location.

2) Create questions from scratch in Canvas.

See the following Canvas Guide:

3) Import a common cartridge file

Imported file (.qti file or .cc file extension) from or another compatible LMS package from a textbook publisher.

See the following Canvas Guide:
Note: Publisher representatives can provide detailed instructions and SLCC Online support staff can assist with this process (publisher's external LTI sites can often feed directly into the Canvas Gradebook with the help of SLCC Online & eLearning Services staff).

4) Covert existing quiz text files

You can convert an MS Word document to a simple text document (.txt file extension) with proper formatting and import into Canvas using Respondus software (get Respondus samples and directions from SLCC Online & eLearning Services staff at

Tips for migrating your paper quizzes to Canvas:
  1. Begin with a complete and corrected instructor version of your quiz in an MS Word document. Do not use spaces or tabs to make it look good. Text is all that matters.
  2. From MS Word's Edit menu, select Clear, then select All formatting.
  3. Save the document as a simple text document (.txt file extension).
  4. Save all changes and re-open only as a simple text document.
  5. Pay attention to spaces, tabs, and dots. Every space matters.
  6. Import your prepared quiz into Canvas through the SLCC server using Respondus software (get software training or assistance from SLCC Online's staff).
  7. Proofread your Quiz in the Quizzes tab and check its proper location in the Assignments tab. Canvas-managed Quizzes show in both tabs.
Additional Resources:

Benefits of using Quizzes in Canvas:

  • Canvas can auto-administer and auto-grade quizzes, and populate grades directly into the Canvas Gradebook.
  • Students can take quizzes on their own time, freeing up class time for your teaching.
    • Quiz settings allow you to set specific open and close dates for a quiz, limit the number of attempts a student is allowed, and limit the time students are allowed to complete the quiz. 
    • Example: Quiz settings can automatically make the quiz available to students for one week, allow them one attempt, require them to complete the quiz within 35 minutes of starting it, and allow them to see the correct answers only once. 
  • High-stakes quizzes can still be housed in Canvas, locked with a code, and proctored at SLCC Online's Instructional Testing Center.
  • Canvas quizzes can be proctored by the Instructor in a computer lab. Canvas can shuffle questions and answers so that two students sitting side-by-side see different quizzes. 
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser can be enabled to prevent students from opening multiple browser windows on their home computers. 
  • Instructors regain countless hours of time otherwise spent grading quizzes.
  • The Canvas-administered quizzes appear under your course Quiz menu. For any other style of quiz (traditional paper copies, MS Word documents) you can create a placeholder assignment in Canvas Assignments tab, with points, due dates, and the setting "no submission/on paper" enabled.

REV EZ 06/18/21