A course Homepage is the first thing a student sees when logging into your Canvas course.  By default, Canvas displays the activity stream messages, but no other content when students arrive in the course. We recommend you use a home page for your course for the following benefits:

  • Creates a reassuring welcome for students to know they are in the right place
  • Improves the immediate look and feel of your course
  • Provides students with immediate and relative information
  • Maintains continuity for students with their other courses containing similar information 

How to Make a Canvas Page

In this video, you will first learn how to create and manage Pages in Canvas.

Recommended Content for a Homepage

SLCC Online and eLearning Services recommend a custom homepage which could include the following:

  • Full Catalogue name of the course, beyond the abbreviation.  Example: Introduction to Political Science
    • The online designation, if appropriate.
    • Lecture or Lab designation, if appropriate.
  • Semester name. Example: Fall 2019
  • If you're using Modules, you can include a "Start Here" button which will link to your modules (Online QM rubric standards).
  • Class time, day, Building/room number, Campus.
  • Instructor contact information, including, Name and title.
    • Link to Bio and credentials, if appropriate. 
  • Email, or "Please use the Canvas Inbox email."
  • Office hours, or "Office hours by appointment."
  • Office phone, if appropriate.

Setting a Front "Home" Page

Once you create a page, see the following Canvas Guides to set it as your home page:

Note: Your department or an imported set of the course content you use may already provide a home page in which to edit and replace with your current information.

Additional Help Resources:

If you have further questions on how to do something in Canvas or to schedule an in-person consultation, please use one of the options below: 

24/7/365 Canvas Support:
F2F Canvas Course Faculty Support