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SLCC has adopted an accessibility tool built right into Canvas that adds some easy to use options to quickly enhance the accessibility of your content.

Ally is a tool that supports universal access by automatically checking for accessibility issues in files added to Canvas and generating alternative accessible versions in multiple formats. A few examples of accessibility issues that might be noted include alt text on images, headers in text files, and proper color contrasts for optimal visibility. In addition to automatically providing accessible versions, the tool also includes guidance to instructors on how they can improve the accessibility of course content. 

ALLY is an accessibility tool that scans your files and images in Canvas that checks for the following:
  • Heading
  • Structure
  • Alt Text
  • Table Headers
  • Untagged PDF
  • Scanned Documents
  • Color Contrast
  • Descriptive Links
  • Video Captions
  • Document Language
  • HTML coming soon
ALLY provides reporting, feedback/remediation, and alternative formats to mend the specified file that may need attention.

You may have already been seeing Ally in action within your course…
Have you ever noticed the many small icons that may look like speedometers next to your content? These icons are called Accessibility Indicators or “dials,” and they indicate how accessible it is.  You can click on the icon to view any issues along with helpful guidance to fix them right then and there. (Note: Only instructors can see these indicators within the Canvas course.)
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Within Canvas, it’s a great way to get your files and especially your images updated the way you need. We encourage you to find out more information about Ally by clicking on the following Ally Introduction Video link or have any questions about this new tool, you can contact Clint Stoker ( or eLearning Support ( 


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