There are a lot of useful tools that integrate into Canvas, including many types of courseware (such as MyAccountingLab or Cengage). These can vary in size and complexity, from offering a way to present interactive videos to hosting the entirety of a course curriculum, including quizzes and activities.

There are a few steps to take when integrating these tools, and sometimes these steps can take a long time to process depending on the complexity of the tool, who the vendor is, and if there are any costs to students.

Fill out the Request to Integrate an LTI Tool in Canvas

Filling out this form is the first step in the process because it indicates to eLearning Canvas Admins and the Technology Coordinator that there is a request to integrate. It asks many questions that will help us to process these steps more easily. Try to answer them as best you can, even if you are not sure what the answers are.

After this step, eLearning will reach out to the vendor and start working on an LMS Access Agreement, which is an essential part of protecting our student data. One important question in the form is whether or not you know of a representative from the vendor. During this step, contacting a representative from the vendor will help move this LMS Access Agreement along much faster than contacting a general help line.

Determine if there is a cost to students

If there is a cost to students, you will need to also go through the Follet Bookstore Inclusive Access process. The best way to start that is by navigating to the Follet Discover link in the left hand navigational menu in Canvas.

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If you have any other questions about the Follett Bookstore Incusive Access process, please read the Follett Discover help doc.

Determine if there is a cost to the institution

If this is a tool that does not have a cost to students, but that will have a cost to your department, make sure to talk to your department leadership about whether or not those costs can be covered.

Additional Resources

If you have further questions on LTI tools in Canvas please email

REV EZ 07/19/21