Register for your Pearson MyLab and Mastering products using Canvas:

  • Full video tutorial in YouTube: Pearson MyLab
  • Download Pearson's Canvas Integration Guide
  • Pearson Support website for faculty and students. Pearson Reps and support must assist directly with Pearson-specific questions.
  • Get assistance with the Canvas portion from Canvas Tier 2 Support/Canvas Administrators during business hours.
    • Call 801-957-5125, option #2 and ask to meet with Canvas Administrators or Instructional Technologists for direct assistance with course migration or creation.
    • For 24/7 Canvas General Support, please call 1-833-250-2077 (toll-free) or 1-801-957-5125 Option 2.

Important points:

  • If you are teaching a course for the first time (course creation) you will follow a different process than you would use in re-using a previous course (course copy and migration.)
  • Pearson MyLab products essentially function as a parallel LMS to Canvas and will integrate with Canvas to communicate seamlessly from the student perspective.
    • When Pearson is correctly connected to Canvas, students are prompted for a textbook access code the first time they click on a Pearson-linked assignment. Canvas saves this code and identifies the student in both systems.
  • Instructors must create your Pearson course presence first!  (Otherwise, it is possible to link courses incorrectly and create unwanted duplicate assignments which are tedious to fix.)

Course Creation Tips for First-time Pearson Users

  • Start in Pearson.
    • Each Pearson textbook has a corresponding course package which needs to be copied into the Instructor's individual Pearson account/area and re-named, edited-down, and planned with due dates, etc. Courses can also be borrowed from colleagues or copied from other schools' instructors in the Pearson community site.
    • Pearson courses will "trigger" the creation of assignments within Canvas the first time the two locations are linked.
    • To avoid unwanted duplication, complete your Pearson components first, then link to Canvas.
    • Additional Canvas pages and assignments can be added after Pearson is connected, and will show only in Canvas.
    • To bypass using Pearson's separate site, ask your Pearson rep for specific written directions for an "export" package of all course materials, a .qti export of quizzes & test banks, or a common cartridge/zip file export.  Pearson prefers you to use their site, but some courses can be efficiently handled in Canvas without linking to external publisher sites.
  • You must manually sync grades from Pearson to Canvas in order for student work to show in your Canvas grade book. Repeat daily or as often as needed.

Course Copy Tips: Re-using & Migrating Previous Semester's Courses

  1. Start in Pearson.
  2. Duplicate your previous semester's Pearson course and rename it for the new semester. *Use the Canvas course name or something similar that is easy to remember and locate by date.
  3. Update due dates in Pearson.
  4. Locate & retain the course code for your new Pearson course to then input in Canvas manually/or email the course code to Canvas Administrators.
  5. If no course content has changed between semesters, migrate your previous semester's Canvas course content to your new Canvas course shell. Canvas Administrators can help. See HelpDoc How do I copy content from one Canvas course to another?
    1. Your course will already have Pearson MyLab & Mastering tab enabled in the Canvas course navigation menu. 
    2. If course content, assignments, or assignment names have changed, you may need to revert to directions for new users and new courses (above) or be prepared to delete duplicate assignments manually.
  6. Click on the new Canvas course's navigation menu MyLab & Mastering tab to input the new Pearson course code.
    1. Locate the line to input your course code.
  7. Sync grades manually to see Pearson changes in Canvas grade book/assignments area or alternatively select the checkbox to auto-sync.

Enable Pearson MyLab & Mastering in the Course's Navigation Menu:

  1. From your course's navigation menu on the left, click Settings.
  2. From the tabs at the top, select Navigation tab. Full tutorial on this process: How do I re-order and hide course navigation links?
    1. SLCC Canvas Administrators have pre-placed the Pearson LTI/App tool in all Canvas course Navigation lists in the dormant area for Instructors to enable. 
  3. Drag MyLab & Mastering navigation bar to the enabled/visible area and save changes.
  4. In the Canvas course navigation menu, click on the MyLab & Mastering navigation bar to input your Pearson course code.


 Pearson Grade Sync is manual unless the instructor selects the check-box for Automatic Sync in the MyLab & Mastering tab access page.

Manual Grade Sync
  • Begin at the course navigation menu and select the MyLab & Mastering tab.
  • Select Sync Grades, then checkbox for Sync All (or a single assignment.)
  • Select Sync Now and wait for processing.  
  • Sync is complete and needs to be repeated daily or weekly in order for Canvas to display accurate student grades.
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