Submitting Final Grades

Once grades in Canvas have been finalized and a grading scheme has been set for your course, you  This tool is meant to quickly and easily upload your final grades to Banner. If for some reason this tool doesn't work, such as in courses that are required to submit hours, then you can also manually enter your grades in MySLCC.

Finalize Gradebook and Select a Grading Scheme in Canvas

At the end of the semester, final grades are primarily based on the student's assignments in the Canvas course grade book (Grades). Before submitting final grades, make sure your Canvas course and assignments have been created, graded, and finalized if you haven't yet done so. The following guide will help you finalize your gradebook:

Choosing a grading scheme in Canvas is optional, but it will help you remember which grade letters you can use when you submit final grades. You will have a choice between the Default Canvas Grading Scheme and the SLCC Grading Scheme. We recommend choosing the Institution grading scheme to reflect SLCC's policy to use an E grade in place of the traditional F grade. These grading schemes can be further customized to fit your course.

Certain departments have specialized grading schemes and we recommend choosing those if they apply. The following guide will help you choose a grading scheme:

Enter final grades using Submit Final Grades tool in Canvas

The Submit Final Grades tool is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It only requires a couple of steps to submit.

First you will navigate to the Submit Final Grades link in your course navigation. You will usually find it towards the bottom of the list of navigational links.

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After you navigate to that link, you will see your Submit Final Grades dashboard.

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As you can see, this dashboard includes columns for the following:

  • Student Name
  • Current Grade as it exists in the Canvas gradebook
  • Submitted checkbox, which is an indication of whether or not you've submitted the grade
  • Final Grade
  • Last Attended Date, which must be filled out when giving an E grade
Once you are finished, click submit at the bottom of the page.

Note: You cannot use the Submit Final Grades tool to submit grades for students who are auditing your course. If you give them a grade and submit, the tool will display the following error message:

Image Placeholder

After that, the content box will be greyed out and you will no longer be able to edit it. This is working as intended and does not prevent you from submitting grades for the rest of your students. If there is some concern about whether a grade has been submitted from Canvas to Banner, you can check student grades in MySLCC to ensure that everything has transferred correctly.

Submit Final Grades in MySLCC

If you cannot submit your grades through the Submit Final Grades tool in Canvas, either because you are encountering an error or because you have a non-standard reporting requirement (such as hours), then you must submit them through MySLCC. The Entering Final Grades guide gives you up to date information on how to do this.

For more information visit the Faculty Tutorials on the Faculty Resource page.

Change a grade after submitting to Banner

If you need to correct a grade that has already been submitted, you can make grade change requests through an email request. Email requests must be sent from the SLCC email account to and must include:

  • Class subject, number, and section
  • Course Registration Number (CRN)
  • Term
  • Student name
  • Student number
  • Previously earned grade
  • Requested earned grade
Please Note: E grades must include a last date of attendance with the following format MM/DD/YYYY. W and AU grade changes should be sent to enrollmentexceptions@slcc.eduOnce completed, an email will be sent to the sender.

Further Resources

For more information, see:
For assistance with MySLCC or the grading process, contact:
For assistance with the Submit Final Grades tool, finalizing your gradebook, or selecting a grading scheme in Canvas, contact:

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