Try following the instructions below:

Here are the instructions to make sure that it is entered correctly.


Zoom is also integrated in Canvas. Instructors will need to enable the integration for each of the classes they want to leverage the service. Follow the below steps to enable Zoom in Canvas.

Changing Primary Email in Canvas

First, our Zoom integration leverages your normal network login (SLCC Microsoft 365 / Azure identity). However, by default, Canvas presents your Bruinmail email address to Zoom, and will give you an error (The instructor's email ( is invalid (2216).

Zoom Instructor Error (bruimmail account)

To correct the above error you will first need to set your email as your primary email in Canvas.

1.     To accomplish this, you FIRST have to login to the below link to create your account (

2.     Login to Canvas.

3.     Go to your Profile


5.     You will need to verify the new email address before it will allow you to set it as the default in Canvas with a star. (See image below)

Enabling Zoom in Canvas Navigation

Once this has been completed, Instructors need to enable Zoom in the Course navigation (COURSE>SETTINGS>NAVIGATION>DRAG “ZOOM” TO TOP SECTION)

Canvas navigation update