When I try to register in the SLCC Registration System, why is my supervisor not listed?

The most common reason an adjunct faculty member does not see a supervisor listed is because they do not have an active, processed contract at the time. They may have a contract, but it has not been processed yet. 

What should I do if I want to register for professional development, but I do not have a supervisor listed?

Contact your associate dean regarding your interest in the professional development opportunity. Your associate dean will then need to send an email to the course administrator communicating approval of your participation in the professional development opportunity. This will then secure your spot. For record-keeping purposes, you may be asked to register for the event once your contract is active and processed.

  • For most faculty development courses (e.g., ACUE) , send this approval email to Kristin.Morley@slcc.edu.
  • For courses facilitated by the eLearning team (e.g., the Canvas User Credential or Online Teacher Credential courses) send this approval email to Bob.Lindsay@slcc.edu

Can I participate in professional development opportunities if I am not teaching during the current semester?

During a semester you are not teaching may be the perfect time for you to participate in professional development. You will need to follow the above instructions if you do not have an active contract. Your department needs to make sure you have a ZTRAIN payment option so you can be compensated. Most adjunct faculty already have this.

Will the training or event show up on my professional development transcript if I do not register using the SLCC Registration System?

Unfortunately, it will not.

REL 7/20/21