To request that sections of a course be cross-listed, please fill out this Cross-Listing Request Form and submit it. Your request will be routed to SLCC's Canvas administrators. This is the fastest way to get your request fulfilled.

Note: Requests must be submitted by the cross-listing deadline for the given term (watch for the announcement each semester from SLCC's Canvas administrators). Cross-listing cannot be completed in a published course because it deletes any student history, login records or submissions.  

What is cross-listing?

Cross-listing is an optional process that when requested by the instructor, that combines the view of multiple course sections into one Canvas location. Cross-listing is an appropriate solution when multiple sections are taught by one instructor, with identical assignments, due dates, and course content. The original course sections in Canvas are combined and the resulting Canvas site is named according to a convention defined by SLCC's Canvas administrators (usually something like COMM-1011-Sp16-Smith). 

The choice to cross-list is entirely based on instructor preference and convenience. Here are some reasons why you may or may not want to cross-list your sections. 


  • Canvas allows courses to be essentially "grouped" for convenience so that an instructor opens one course in order to grade and monitor all assignments for all sections.  
  • The course's People tab specifies which students are enrolled in which section.  
  • Instructors may filter the Canvas Gradebook to view a single section at a time and set specific students' interactions and assignment settings by section.


  • Cross-listed courses may become very large with a lot of students and a long Gradebook.
  • The cross-listing process needs to be completed by the beginning of a semester before any student work is submitted. Once the semester begins, it's too late. 
  • When exporting the Gradebook, student records from all sections are combined in a single spreadsheet file. Additional steps are required to manually filter the spreadsheet to display individual sections in the document you send to your AD. See How do I export my Canvas Gradebook? for more information. 

REV EZ 06/29/2021