When a student registers for a course, those students are automatically populated into the corresponding Canvas course site. Students may need to drop the course at a future point, however, and will be dropped from Banner, but are not automatically dropped from Canvas.

When a student has dropped, instructors do not have the rights to remove students in Canvas. This task is done manually by SLCC Canvas Administrators as needed to ensure that activities or work students may have done in the course is preserved in the Canvas course record, and to cease unnecessary correspondence and notifications between the instructor and the student, who is no longer in the class.

Request Form

If a student has dropped your course, but their name still appears in your Canvas course, instructors should fill out this request form to ask for that student to be removed or deactivated. 

Your request will be routed to SLCC's Canvas Administrators for processing:
  • If the request is received before the student has accessed the course, the student will be removed from the course.
  • If the request is received after the student has already accessed the course, then the student will be deactivated in the course. Their names still appear in the Canvas Gradebook, but they cannot access the course and do not receive any course correspondence. Deactivation allows us to retain a record of the student's activity in the course. For example, if an instructor is asked for that student's last day of attendance, the instructor can review the student's Access Report. 
  • Students who withdraw from the course, rather than drop it, will remain in Canvas for grading purposes. A withdrawal requires a "W" grade.
See the following Canvas Guide as a reference: How do I hide a deactivated student in my Canvas course

Additional Resources

If you have further questions on how to do something in Canvas or to schedule an in-person consultation, please use one of the options below:

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