Digital library materials can be seamlessly added to your Canvas course at no additional expense to your students.

Embed Digital Library Content in Canvas

  • The first step is to build your reading list, then the second step is to enable it within your Canvas course modules using the SLCC Library Curriculum Builder tool (EBSCOHost)
  • The Curriculum Builder LTI tool is already in Canvas navigation and can be activated in the Course Navigation menu. See the Canvas Guide How do I re-order and hide navigation links?
  • Step-by-step instructions for connecting your reading list in Canvas Modules: LibWebTutorial featuring Guide on the Side
  • Please see related HelpDocs for detailed steps on locating OER videos/media and embedding Kaltura videos, Films on Demand, or Kanopy. 

Benefits of Library Content

  • Curated by professional librarians
  • Free to students--Similar to OER, but paid for by the Library budget
  • Consistent links won't disappear from your course
  • Hundreds of thousands of films, documentaries, and educational videos to be embedded in your Canvas course
  • Searchable databases of reading materials, research, and textbooks to link within your course.
A dedicated library Liason is waiting to assist you with locating materials for your courses.
Contact:, (801) 957-4690

Additional Options for Links and Placement

The Rich Content Editor info box in Canvas pages or assignments and allows you to add a variety of elements to a Canvas page; text, images, videos, links to outside websites, etc. So you can link the correct URL in any Canvas page, or use share/embed codes, or also use approved LTI tools where they exist. (Currently not one for Kanopy, but one is already in place for EBSCO and Films on Demand.)

See Instructor Canvas Guides for use of the Rich Text Editor (RTE).


There is an issue with student login which is being addressed (Dec 2106) by web security for Library and Canvas. Currently, students viewing Films on Demand and other resources have a seamless experience when on campus, but are interrupted for an additional login when accessing library links when off campus. Contact your instructor with questions.