What is the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)?

  • SARA is a state-level reciprocity process for providing distance education opportunities across state lines.
  • SARA allows SLCC to offer online programs nationwide.
  • SLCC has been an approved SARA institution since 2016. USHE is the central point of contact for Utah SARA institutions.
  • SARA establishes a set of standards for offering online programs in member states and territories. SARA also provides distance-learning students with a method for filing complaints.

What Does Professional Licensure Have To Do With SARA?

  • SARA obligates SLCC to communicate with students about whether a program or course meets state licensing requirements in the state where the student resides.
  • We recommend that departments with programs that lead to professional licensure post a clear disclaimer about licensure on the program webpage and in the program catalog description.
  • If a specific profession has a multi-state licensure process or licensure reciprocity, we recommend sharing this information with students on the program of study webpage and catalog description.

Why Do We Have To Do Licensure Notifications?

  • SARA obligates SLCC to notify students who reside out-of-state when they apply for a program or when they enroll in a course that could lead to a profession that requires licensure.
  • Out-of-state students must be notified about licensure requirements in writing. An email to the student’s bruinmail email account meets the SARA notification standard.

What Do Internships Have To Do with SARA?

  • SARA asks us to track out-of-state internships or clinicals. SARA defines this as a for-credit course (not a field trip or co-curricular opportunity).
  • eLearning will contact departments in the spring to ask for numbers for the previous calendar year. We encourage all departments to track out-of-state placements!

Laurie McBride
State Authorization Coordinator
eLearning 801-957-3741