OIT implemented a change for the login process on the Canvas website. This is what they are suggesting:

You will now need to go to 
https://slcc.instructure.com/login/saml and sign in using your username@bruinmail.slcc.edu and your current MySLCC password.

If you are not sure what your current password is, or it is older than the year 2020, please go to 
https://authp.slcc.edu/gen_pass/default.aspx. Once you have changed your password please wait 30 minutes before trying to log in again.

If you have already changed your password clearing cookies from 
https://login.microsoftonline.com/ will resolve most issues. Here are the steps to clear cookies from the most frequently used web browsers.


If you continue to have issues, please contact the OIT office for assistance.

MySLCC Help & Technical Support

REV KLH 08/20/21