Locating the SLCC Institutional Syllabus

In addition to your course syllabus, you can find SLCC's Institutional Syllabus in your Canvas Global Navigation Menu which is located on the left side of every page in Canvas.

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This is where you will find information and links regarding:
  • Institutional Policies
    • Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities
    • Title IX information
  • Learning Support and Tutoring Services
    • General Information
    • Out-of-State Licensure
  • Advising and Counseling Support Services
    • General Information
    • Disability Resource Center
For more information about the Canvas Global Navigation Menu, refer to the following Canvas Guide:

Additional Resources

Instructure (Canvas) Support
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24/7/365 Canvas Support:

  • Hotline: 801-957-5125, Option 1 (Students)
  • Hotline: 801-957-5125, Option 2 (Faculty)
  • Email: support@instructure.com

SLCC Support
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