To arrange for an online student to take a proctored exam in the Instructional Testing Center, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Instructional Testing Services website.
  2. Click on the "Online Course Exam Request Form"
  3. Enter the required information specifying details for the exam administration. If the exam is to be given on paper (vs. in Canvas), you may upload the exam using the Upload Exam link at the bottom of the form. 
  4. When all information is correct, click "Submit."

Once the exam is set up in the system, a Testing Center staff member will confirm via email. You can then inform enrolled students that they can go online to schedule their respective testing appointments. 

Additional Info:

Access Codes:
Students are never given the password to access the exam in the Instructional Testing Center. Once a student has successfully checked in at the Instructional Testing Center, a proctor enters the password for them. This keeps the password and the exam secure.

Scheduling Exceptions:
Sometimes you need to make arrangements for a student to take an exam early or late.
  • To do this:
    • Email with the student’s name, the course name, and exam, and the allowed test date(s).”
    • Once you receive an email confirming that the exception has been set up, instruct the student to call the Instructional Testing center (801-957-4482) to schedule his/her appointment.
For more information, see SLCC Online's Instructional Testing Center's website. If you need more information about exam security and exam passwords, please contact the Instructional Testing Center:

Instructional Testing Center
Debra Graham, Testing Manager
(801) 957-4407

Rev. 08/12/2019-KLH