How do students make an appointment at a Testing Center?

For students who need to schedule a proctored testing appointment at the Instructional Testing Center:

  1. Go to the SLCC Testing Info website.
  2. Click “Make a Test Reservation.”
  3. Complete the online form. 
  4. Click "Confirm."

Locations of Instructional Testing Centers

There are currently four Instructional Testing Center locations:

  1. Taylorsville-Redwood Campus, Construction Trades Building (CT), Room 070 (Map)
  2. Taylorsville-Redwood Campus, Markosian Library (LIB), Learning Commons, Room 046 (CPMA and make-up testing only)
  3. South City Campus, Main Building, Room 2-187 (Map)
  4. Jordan Campus, Health Sciences Building, Room 054b (Map)
  5. West Valley Center, Suite 120 (computer-based testing only) (Map)

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