After July 1st, 2022, Proctorio will no longer be available. It will be replaced by Respondus Monitor starting Fall 2022. If you are needing to use Proctorio for the Summer 2022 term, all quizzes will need to be enabled by June 31st to be functional past July 1st. Please contact us for assistance or any questions you may have.

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As of Fall 2021, Proctorio will be available for online courses (500 sections) and broadcast courses only.


  • Proctorio will not work if you share the content, or import existing Canvas courses to your course. Proctorio must be enabled by course and by request. Refer to the support email below if additional instructors need to set up Proctorio. 
  • For those intending to use and implement Proctorio for auto-graded Canvas quizzes to monitor student behavior, please make sure your students have access to the required software and equipment that is needed. (More information on that below.)
  • You will need to request that your course be enabled if you haven't already done so. If not, please contact eLearning at After your course is enabled, please follow the instructions below to enable everyone's computers and add Proctorio to your Canvas quizzes.

What is Proctorio?

Proctorio is a secure online proctoring service software that integrates with Canvas and works within your Chrome web browser to proctor quizzes and exams (monitor test takers for suspicious behaviors). 
It is primarily for online courses, but it may also be used for on-campus and hybrid courses. 

Proctorio Benefits

  • Students access virtual proctoring remotely in Canvas (no need to go to the testing center).
  • Audio/video system detects open book/notes/browser activity, other people in the room, and unusual behaviors (e.g. looking off-screen repeatedly).
  • Instructors control the level of security.
  • Suspicious behavior is automatically reported in Canvas.
  • More convenient and less expensive than outside proctor services students would otherwise arrange for themselves.

Proctorio System Requirements

All participants must have the following tools to use Proctorio:

  • Uses Canvas (Auto-graded) Quizzes (Timed, up to 8 hours)
  • Chrome Browser
  • Chrome Proctorio Extension
  • Web Camera and Microphone (for verification and monitoring features)


  • If your student is in need of a computer/laptop or wifi access please make arrangements to inform and/or contact the OIT or Student Services for assistance and available resources.
  • Please note that Proctorio does not work on a tablet or mobile phone touch-interface device.


Considerations regarding Proctorio usage, specifically in regard to a COVID-19 recommended from instructors from other institutions:

  • Bear in mind that some students may have some challenges with equipment and internet bandwidth. You should have your students test it out first in the location they will be taking the exam (there is a practice quiz installed in the course for this purpose).
  • If you are not already using Proctorio, you should know it has a learning curve. We generally only recommend at this point the full implementation (i.e., recording video and screen) for high stakes exams.  Bear in mind that some students may have some challenges with access to equipment and bandwidth for video/screen proctoring. You should have your students test it out first in the location they will be taking the exam.
  • Otherwise, it's a good idea to consider: a) alternative assessments that you could use in this unusual circumstance (including open book exams); b) Proctorio with recommended "lock-down browser" setting (easier to use although doesn't provide full monitoring); or c) Respondus lock-down browser (similar to "b")
  • We advise those using Proctorio that if a student is taking the exam in a place connected to the internet which is shared with other family members who may also be home, to be mindful of their possible usage and bandwidth being taken up and to take necessary precautions to ensure strong connections. (Examples may include scheduling that time for the family to refrain from streaming services like Netflix, relocating to a separate location with a stronger connection, to name a few.)
Ultimately, Proctorio is a very powerful tool with a wide range of features and functions - but this can make rapid onboarding a challenge for those who want to make full use of its capabilities.

How to Request Proctorio

To request Proctorio for your course, please contact SLCC Online & eLearning Services Support at with the following information if you haven't already done so:

  • Course(s): (Name-Number-Section)
Note: Please specify the quizzes and required settings you want if you are uncomfortable or unable to set them up yourself.

eLearning will enable your course and you will receive a confirmation when it is complete, with additional guidelines as needed.

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