A Canvas development (DEV) site is a site assigned to a specific course or Instructor, to assist with practice and course development activities, in preparation for future course delivery.

DEV site characteristics

DEV sites contain all the same features as a Canvas course, but they never contain students and never go live. The DEV sites act as a "play place" where instructors can experiment with features, or store course content for an upcoming term. Live Canvas sites can import content from a DEV site.

To Request a DEV Site

Please fill out and submit the online Canvas Development Site Request Form

Additional Resources

Faculty/Administrators/Staff: 1-833-250-2077 (toll free) or 1-801-957-5125 Option 2.

If you have questions regarding how to access your development site, or to schedule an in-person consultation, please call 801-957-5125 (option 2) and ask to speak to an available Instructional Technologist or Canvas Administrator.

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