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The NEW DesignPLUS Sidebar is now available!

Recently we have upgraded our DesignPLUS sidebar. This new sidebar has a more modern interface and increased functionality, and you can access it the same way as before by going into the Rich Content Editor in Canvas and pressing alt+shift+D or Control+1.

Getting Started

Here are some 1-2 page documents to help you quickly get started and refer back to as needed. 

DesignPLUS Resources

Frequently Asked Questions Related to the new Sidebar: 

Do we need to upgrade legacy content?

It depends. Legacy content will still function normally after the new Sidebar is installed, so existing content can be left alone. Legacy content will only need to be upgraded if users want to style it with the new Sidebar. 

Can I edit legacy content with the new Sidebar and vice versa?

No, the legacy sidebar can only edit legacy content and the new sidebar can only edit new content.  However, the new Sidebar can upgrade legacy content so that you can edit it with the new Sidebar.  The legacy sidebar cannot downgrade content.  If new content is detected on a page where you are attempting to use the legacy sidebar, it will prompt you to switch to the new sidebar.

Can I bulk upgrade pages?  Can I upgrade the whole course at once?

No, the upgrade tool only works one page at a time.  Since legacy content will still render properly, you only need to upgrade pages that you intend to edit with the new Sidebar and leave the rest alone.

Can we have both legacy and new content at the same time?

Yes, both old and new content can exist simultaneously in the same course.

When will we lose access to legacy DesignPLUS sidebar?

Legacy DesignPLUS Sidebar has a projected sunset date of December 31, 2024.  At that point, the legacy sidebar and legacy code will no longer be maintained by Cidi Labs.

What happens to legacy content after 12/31/2024?

Existing legacy content will still function normally and retain its styling since the CSS will still be there. However, the legacy code will not be maintained.