The purpose of eLearning's Spring Showcase is to explore some of the best and most innovative online courses produced during the previous year by SLCC faculty in collaboration with the eLearning team.

The 2022 eLearning Showcase featured one general session and 12 concurrent sessions. All sessions were virtual, streamed live in Zoom on Thursday, March 24, 2022. 

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 Session Title
Freedom, Critical Thinking, and the Future of eLearning
(CJ 2330 Juvenile Justice)
Anthony Nocella
Gavin Harper
Jeff Brandt

Remaking the Matrix: Connecting Students to Multiple Dimensions (KMAT 0600 CNC Machining)
Brent Smith
Rose Defa

One Stop Shop!: An Overview of eLearning’s Services
Marie Horne
Corey Stevens
Bob Lindsay

Student Relief: Completing Signature Assignments Weeks Before the End of the Semester (MUSC 1080 World Music)
Craig Ferrin
Brenda Blocker

Freeish EdTech Tools for Student Engagement
Jenee Brenning

eLearning's Most Common Support Tickets and Ensuring Course Reliability and Readiness
Kevin Hammond
Justin Mackay

Designing for Diversity
(DANC 1010 Dance and Culture)
Whitney Harris
Abi Fuller

Accessibility Checking Tools in Canvas
Corey Stevens
Mondie Mahdavi

The Magnificent Seven: An Overview of eLearning’s Faculty Development Credentials
Bob Lindsay

Turning Up the Heat with Broadcast
(ENGR 2300 Thermodynamics)
Holly Moore
Matt Wilson

Summer Bridge—Strengthsquest: A Choose Your Own Adventure Course
Ann Fillmore
Abi Fuller
Gavin Harper

Adding Design Elements to Your Course
Eduardo Zaragoza
Brian Powell


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