What is Online Tutoring?

SLCC provides online tutoring using Tutor.com. Students get 24/7 access to live one-to-one sessions with one of 3,000+ expert tutors. This fully-online service also provides scheduled tutoring, test prep help, basic skills tutoring, research help, and diagnostic quizzes. 

Tutor.com’s shared online workspace includes many helpful tools to support the tutoring session, such as a graphing calculator, a text editor, a collaborative whiteboard, a computer code editor, and file sharing. 

Note: Students are limited to eight hours of online tutoring each month but can connect with on-campus tutors for additional support.

How do students access Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring is accessed through the student’s Canvas courses. At SLCC, Online tutoring through Tutor.com is not available outside of Canvas courses.

By default, every course has a tab called “Online Tutoring” in the course navigation menu. Students have options to request help for a subject that is related to the course they are currently logged into (for example, if they click “Online Tutoring” from a Math course, students only see options for Math tutoring, and not options for Biology tutoring). 

Note: Writing tutors are not available through Tutor.com. Writing students should contact SLCC’s Writing Center for tutoring. 

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Note: If the “Online Tutoring” option is not visible in the course navigation menu, it may have been disabled or course navigation menu items were changed as a result of importing previous content into the course where the Online Tutoring tab was previously disabled. You can add 'Online Tutoring' to your course by managing your course navigation menu. For help making the “Online Tutoring” option visible, please contact  eLearning Support. 

To learn more about what student’s see when entering Tutor.com, read the Guide: How can students utilize Online Tutoring (Tutor.com)?

How can I use Online Tutoring as an instructor?

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Instructors have a menu option at the top of their screen, called a "Client Portal" to access many features which include:
  • Student usage reports - This can help instructors see patterns where students are struggling, which can help instructors know where to make adjustments to their teaching if needed. 

  • A diagnostic survey of students - Tutor.com can provide early-warning reporting, which spotlights certain activity of students, such as frequency and longer than normal session lengths so instructors can help provide additional tutoring assistance. Click to view a sample report.

Instructors can watch this video to learn more: How it works for Faculty

Instructors can sign up to receive notifications when students use Tutor.com. Instructors are prompted to opt-in when they first access the Client Portal. 

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