Yes. The following "Video Checklist" will assist you in creating your own videos. If you need more assistance, or if you think your video idea would be best suited for a professional recording, please contact Instructional Media Services.

Video Checklist

Create a Video Plan
  • State a clear purpose for the video - define your objective!
  • Prepare a storyboard.
  • Gather the information to accompany the presentation. (e.g., websites, apps, docs, graphics, slides).
  • Organize the information in the storyboard. 

Time/Chunking your content

  • Divide your content into 1 to 6-minute segments.


  • Test the audio. Use an external microphone if available (USB is best). How does it sound? How is the volume level?
  • Test the video. Is it recording? Is the shot framed appropriately? Is there room at the bottom of your screencast for the captioning - that is, will any of your important content be covered by the captioning?
  • Evaluate your lighting. Use lamps to improve lighting. 1 to 3 lamps are optimal. Make sure your face is well lit but not washed out.
  • Eliminate background noise as much as possible. Shut the door, close the window, eliminate other distractions.
  • Check the background. Is it too busy? A plain or neutral background is best. Your topic should be the focus.
  • Make a short test recording. Evaluate the audio, video, lighting, background and the talent’s on-camera presence altogether.


  • Practice the presentation, voice inflection, enunciation, confidence, pace. (Hint: Speak at a good clip. Faster is better!)
  • Present your personality; tell a story; add color and perspective. Smile. (Hint: This will hold your audience)

REV EZ 08/20/21