In Canvas at SLCC, instructors have the ability to check uploaded assignment submissions in Canvas using Unicheck.  (Note: As of August 21st, 2018 (Fall term), Turnitin has been replaced by Unicheck.)

What is Unicheck?

Unicheck is a similarity checker. It verifies the originality of the submitted text or document and delivers a detailed similarity report to the teacher/instructor. Unicheck is built into Canvas and integrates within Assignments in the assignment settings.

When creating new assignments or editing existing ones, Unicheck becomes enabled when you select either or both Online or Text submission type options, populating a "Plagiarism Review" option which appears just below the Submission Type menu.

For video tutorial instructions explaining how to enable Unicheck for a new or existing assignment, please review one of the following video options below:

  • How do I change a preceding Turnitin assignment to use Unicheck? - Watch Video (1:19)  (Or download PDF instructions by clicking here.)
    • Note: You may find that just opening an assignment will give you an error message and won't open the assignment. This method must be done if after August 21st, 2018.

For a full video tutorial with additional tips and explanations, please click on the following link: Enabling Unicheck - Full Video (6:07)

Important Tips 

  • Assignments must be set to use Unicheck individually.  There is no global setting for an entire course.
  • It is possible for teachers to access Turnitin the old way--through Turnitin's website.  You are able to set up a free account and use the site manually by uploading documents if you prefer.

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