1. What is Kaltura

Kaltura is a cloud-based storage solution for audio, video, and images. It seamlessly integrates with Canvas so that users can upload and access media files. Kaltura also offers a free screen recorder/video recorder (Capture) built into a user’s My Media page in Canvas that helps facilitate video creation.

2. How does captioning work?

If you have a captions file (SRT, SMI, SCC…etc.) you can upload it using the same steps as above, but click the Captions link instead of the Replace Video link from above. If you need captions because of student accessibility concerns, contact Clint Stoker (clint.stoker@slcc.edu) and he will fulfill the DRC request. For courses that eLearning creates or revises, a list of videos is sent to Chris Luker (chris.luker@slcc.edu) at points specified in the course development process. See the task list document for more updated information. Once sent, those videos will be captioned within 7 days of the list being sent to him.

3. Do video links in Kaltura ever expire?

Kaltura media does not expire. We have unlimited storage and do not purge lesser-used files. This means that you can use your Kaltura links from year to year without any worry that they will stop functioning.

4. What if I want to update my Kaltura Video?

You can update your video in Kaltura without having to replace your links. In your My Media link, you can select the video that you want to replace by clicking on the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the page.

Then click on Replace Video on the next screen.

Clicking on the "+ Choose a file to upload button" lets you choose the new video file and then upload it to replace the original video. All links and embedding will remain from the original file. Just the actual video content will change.

5. How do I caption YouTube videos? 

To have YouTube videos captioned, you need to have the login credentials of the YouTube channel to upload caption files. If it is a video internal to SLCC then you should contact the department that manages the channel the video is located on. If it is external to SLCC then there is nothing we can do.

However, we do have the option of creating transcripts of YouTube videos. Like normal captioning, if this is a request is because of student accessibility concerns, contact Clint Stoker (clint.stoker@slcc.edu), and if it is for eLearning, contact Chris Luker (chris.luker@slcc.edu).

6. Capturing a video using Kaltura

See the following link to use Kaltura to capture video: Install Kaltura Capture

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