Getting Started with Canvas LMS

Canvas LMS (learning management system) is a secure web-based host for all course materials for student access. Students access Canvas for the syllabus, grades, instructor contact info, inbox email, assignment details, due dates, auto-graded quizzes, online discussions, assignment feedback, and to submit assignments online. 

Technical Skills

The following links will help you use Canvas, but you should already have some basic computer and word processing skills. For example, you should understand:
  • Basic file formats (such as pdf, doc, docx, jpeg, etc.) and the applications that create them.
  • How to create and save files
  • How to copy and paste content 

Accessing Canvas: 

To begin accessing Canvas, you must have MySLCC login credentials. If you are a new student or newly-hired instructor, please make sure you have been set up with that information to access Canvas and MySLCC. (Note: Canvas does not use your "S"-Number from Banner, but is tied to your Bruin username and email credentials).

To login into Canvas, see the related article "How do I log into Canvas?" (also listed under "Related Articles), or download Accessing Canvas.docx on how to access Canvas.


The Getting Started Online Guide was developed to help you be successful online.  It is primarily directed at those who are new to learning online but is helpful for even the experienced online learner. It includes a readiness self-assessment, as well as a number of success tips and support resources to guide you in your own learning. 

In addition, you can refer to the Canvas Student Guide (also available through the Help menu option in Canvas) as well as our own SLCC Canvas Help Docs ( what you're looking at right now). Your instructor may guide you in specific tasks associated with your online course.


When a new faculty member or adjunct joins SLCC there is a lot to remember!  This guide will help direct you find answers and become familiar with Canvas. Please note that your Department Associate Dean is your primary contact and the final authority on your job duties and department-specific information. When in doubt, please direct all questions to your A.D. or department supervisor. You may also be assigned a department mentor.

How Does Canvas Work?

  • Canvas course sites/shells have student registrations fed in automatically from high-security Banner system/registration.  
  • Apart from student names, Canvas course locations are blank until materials are added by the instructor.  
  • Course content can be migrated/borrowed from another faculty member's courses with approval, or made from scratch. 
  • In some cases, departments appoint a course coordinator to manage content for multiple sections of large enrollment courses. Otherwise, it is up to instructors to add content and ensure correct due dates, etc.  
  • Contact your Associate Dean and appointed department mentor to locate the optimal source course name for the Canvas portion of your class materials. It should match your textbook/eText and include all required materials and assignments to fulfill the required objectives and articulation agreements. 
  • You have the opportunity to learn all of the features of Canvas through employee training workshops. As a newly hired adjunct/faculty, help is available for all steps. 

Overview of Instructor Canvas Usage

  • Your department likely requires you to use Canvas for your courses, minimally or fully. Lecture/classroom courses may elect to use Canvas minimally, posting syllabus and assignments/grades. Online courses are fully prepared and housed in Canvas prior to active use, with user testing and QM review. 
  • Your full-time faculty mentor will provide you with a copy of their Canvas site and then you can personalize the site. 
  • Content can be copied from a previous Canvas course, yours or a full-time faculty mentor's. Once the content is copied forward, you can personalize the site with your new syllabus instructor bio, pictures, name and contact information. 
  • Canvas will house additional content such as videos, articles, example papers, and useful presentations. Do not remove or modify the curriculum/assignments/tests/quizzes that are in place for that course without A.D. approval, as this may alter the objectives or transferability of the course. 
  • Canvas Inbox is a FERPA compliant sub-email within Canvas that allows easy class announcements, class emails, and communication which also forwards to instructor/student emails on record, which is usually Bruinmail unless another email is registered through the Canvas account area.
  • You can refer to the Student information above to help your students get started in online courses.

Getting Started

To help you get started, refer to the following resources.
Please refer to the Related Articles (located at the top right) to learn additional important information about using Canvas at SLCC.

In addition, Instructure has also created several guides to help you with many of the questions you may have. These guides are essentially the user manuals for both instructors and students. We’ve referred to many of these guides and tutorials throughout this help document.

These guides are always available through the Help menu option in Canvas.

Contact Instructure or eLearning

If you have questions about Canvas please contact the Canvas Hotline below: 
24/7/365 Canvas Support:
  • Hotline (Students): 801-957-5125, Option 1 
  • Hotline (Faculty): 801-957-5125, Option 2
  • Email:
Note: All Faculty and Students have Canvas support 24/7 through the Canvas Support Hotline. 

There is good information on the eLearning website and the eLearning staff are more than willing to make appointments for one-on-one consultation; help by phone, or by email, or to answer quick questions if you drop in at Canvas Administrators/Technologists office in Calvin Rampton Technology Building TB-207.  This support group also teaches F2F department training and facilitate online, self-paced Canvas credentialed courses.
If you have course questions or need assistance improving your content, please use one of the options to schedule an in-person consultation: 
SLCC Online & eLearning Services 
Important: Our services are limited to school/business hours usually between 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday; however, you can always contact the 24-hour Hotline through Instructure (from the previous page) and they may be able to help you out with the majority of emergency or urgent issues if needed.

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